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Settlement of international claims

Settlement of personal injury and property damage claims

With over 30 years of professional experience in providing legal assistance to accident victims and surviving dependents, our specialized team of lawyers is committed to enforcing the rights of those affected in all types of accidents (road traffic, airplane, ship, rail) at home and abroad.

In this context, it is important to us to provide quick and unbureaucratic support to the injured parties in order to limit the hardship suffered through targeted relief measures.

In cross-border cases, we identify for our clients the right contact person at the insurance company of the damaging party as a negotiating partner and also advise with regard to a possible determination of the most favorable place of jurisdiction. For example, the compensation for pain and suffering in the case of an accident in Italy may be significantly higher if it is also claimed in Italy and not in Germany - for example via the claim’s representative of the insurance company.

Our services for international claims in detail

Determination and calculation of the damage suffered

Typically, the following items, among others, can be claimed in a claim:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Acquisition damage
  • Accident-related additional expenses for care, therapies, etc.
  • Damages for housekeeping
  • Interest damages
  • Medical/hospital costs (sometimes co-payments for medication, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, medical aids, travel to doctors or therapies, if applicable travel for hospital visits, rehabilitation measures, cosmetic surgery to remove the consequences of injuries, scars, etc., relocation or building costs for the conversion of the home to make it suitable for the disabled)

  • Claims of widows/orphans
  • Maintenance damages
  • Damages for household maintenance
  • Maintenance damage
  • Survivor's benefits
  • funeral costs

We assist you from out-of-court claims (including the enforcement of advances), representation in mediation proceedings, to legal claims before German and Italian courts. Through our specialized network, we can act in almost any state, with the support of experienced local lawyers. We cooperate with experts, both in the technical field and in the respective medical field, who also have the necessary language skills and assist us in asserting your claims.

Free initial consultation?

Let us talk about your specific concerns.

Free initial consultation?

Let us talk about your specific concerns.