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Transport, logistics and storage law in Germany and Italy

We support you in all national and international transport law issues

We advise on transport, forwarding and logistics law at both national and international level, particularly in German-Italian legal relations.

Your contacts at Dolce Lauda are admitted to the bar in both Italy and Germany and, in addition to sound legal expertise and extensive experience in transport, forwarding and logistics law, they also offer the cultural and practical know-how to handle cross-border cases, especially in the Italian and German legal systems. Many years of experience in achieving practical solutions guarantees our clients result-oriented, pragmatic advice, especially in complex case constellations.

Clear pacts for a long and sustainable partnership

Are you currently interested in carrying out a (single) transport order(s) or negotiate logistics and/or storage contracts in Italy or Germany? We can support you in choosing the finest legal form; we can explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, also about carrying out a (first) individual order or with regard to a long-term business relationship, compared to solutions that you are familiar with under your home law. We draft and translate the contracts into the respective languages and can recommend clauses from many years of cross-border experience that consider the interests of all parties and "hold" in the event of conflict.

Assistance in case of conflict

Should a dispute arise out of court or in court, we have many years of cross-border know-how and experience in finding ways to avoid a legal dispute or to represent you before ordinary courts or by means of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), i.e. mediation or the Italian negoziazione assistita, the so called obligatory legally assisted negotiation procedure after D.L. 12.09 2014 Nr. 132 implemented by law of 10.11.2014 Nr. 162), as well as before arbitration courts. Typical disputes in transport, logistics and warehousing law are claims for damages to goods and possible consequential damages, as well as freight payments, retention and set offs.

Our practice in German, Italian and cross-border transport, warehousing and logistics law

Our lawyers were trained in Italy and Germany, are admitted to the bar in both countries and offer not only sound legal know-how on the legal differences between Germany and Italy, but also the necessary sense for pragmatic solutions.


Our services in transport law in detail

  • We can assist you in choosing the most appropriate type of contract and general terms and conditions for the individual case, highlighting the legal peculiarities inherent in the relevant legal system as well as intercultural peculiarities;
  • We adapt the contract to the specific international circumstances and the means of transport used (with regard to the applicable law, the place of jurisdiction and the effective inclusion of the German ADSP or Verlader-AGB or other GTCs customary in the field);
  • In the event of a conflict, we will point out the particularities and differences in the interpretation and implementation of the standard contract, e.g. with regard to the means of transport used and the court of jurisdiction.

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Peculiarities of transport law

Unlike many areas of (commercial) law, transport law in particular is often naturally characterised by a regular cross-border complexity.

The question of which law applies depends not only on the type of means of transport used, but also on whether it is a multimodal transport, for example, or whether "only" certain regulations are applicable to your contractual relationship and how they are interpreted by the competent court. 

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Let us talk about your specific concerns.