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Income gap between men and women and all points of the compass


Income gap between men and women and all points of the compass

According to a statistical survey by the Association of Pension Funds for the Liberal Professions (ADEPP), Italian female lawyers in the age group where lawyers earn the most (between 40 and 50) earn 45% less than their male colleagues. Among the very young (under 30), the difference is reduced to 4%. The Italian female lawyer in northern Italy earns on average 31,000 euros per year (her male colleague 57,000 euros p.a.), the southern Italian female lawyer 16,463 euros (her male colleague 28,262 euros p.a.).

For Germany, a comparable institute (IFO) determines the turnover of lawyers every 2 years; in the 2018 business year, full-time lawyers in Germany achieved an average personal fee turnover from self-employment of 215,000 euros, whereas full-time female lawyers achieved only 136,000 euros. If one takes into account an average share of costs in Germany of approx. 60 %, the incomes are nevertheless considerably higher than those in Italy.

The Italian North-South divide is reflected in Germany in the ratio between West and East: in the West, the average fee income for full-time lawyers was 239,000 euros, for full-time female lawyers 149,000 euros; in the East, for full-time male lawyers 164,000 euros, for full-time female lawyers 116,000 euros. If one again takes into account a 60% share of costs here, one can conclude with statistical truth that a northern Italian lawyer earns about as much as an eastern German female lawyer. (Sources: For Italy Sole 24 Ore of 17.12.2020, for Germany www.brak.de, STAR survey commissioned by the Federal Bar Association).