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The valuation of intangible assets of business enterprises

Industrial property law

The valuation of intangible assets of business enterprises

How many industrial and intellectual property rights can be "hidden" in a car?

Think of the numerous patents, from the mechanical parts of the engine to the seat heating, to the blind spot sensors; to the design of a single detail of the car, for example the rear lights of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the trademark rights of the manufacturer or even the copyrights to the model name of the car or even just the advertising slogans. These are just a few examples.


How many trade mark rights "are contained" in a Milka chocolate bar?

One word mark: Milka; several figurative marks: not only the Milka cow, but also the special lettering; one colour mark: the special shade of purple that immediately brings the brand to the consumer's mind. A shape mark: for the aesthetic appearance of the chocolate bar.

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