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The language of the others

The language of the others

The client's letter has repeatedly made fun of unsuccessful translations, of the "hole of Cagliari" (Foro di Cagliari, i.e., place of trial), of the recurrent actress in writs of complaint (Attrice) and of the mayor in statutes of companies (Sindaco). Nevertheless, the preliminary purchase contract of a large Italian brokerage firm showed us that even the worst translation can be undercut.

If one knows both languages, it is often easy to guess what was originally meant. This is not always successful. What does it mean when the "applicant" proposes to "irrevocably purchase for himself, people, beings or company to be nominated by the notary rogue of the act"? The reader who makes sense of this wins a lunch in Frankfurt am Main at the editor's regular place.

That the "certificate of agility" is not supposed to correspond to a sports badge, but to the "certificato di agibilità", on the other hand, is easy to guess. Also that the property is to be sold free of mortgages and/or other prejudices can be understood. It becomes more difficult with the "euro-cannon". Here, too, associative readers can win - another - lunch.

The price for the real estate is to amount to after all 185,000 euro, thereby this is considered as "agreed and not co-ordinated" (third meal). The heading to the last part of the contract "Notary notice and delivery of the property" is again to be followed. This refers to the deed and delivery.

However, the rest of the contract is also very funny. Thus, "The property is delivered busy by the carrier with the replacement of the buyer in the current lease" or "This proposal is irrevocable for 15 days from the date of its subscription."

The editors have ordered a property and hope for delivery soon. Anyone who would like the contract in anonymous form is welcome to obtain it from us.